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3 Generations of Antique Dealers

An estate in Chardon with thousands of items collected over several decades of antique dealers.  We conducted a physical tag sale, online auction and fully cleaned out the home within 6 weeks of the client signing up.  It was early summer, so there was a lot of sweat! :)


A High End Estate in Barrington

A customer was moving and had a wide variety of items and high end furniture they didn't need.  We conducted a two-day estate sale, selling 80% of the items.  The remaining items were brought back to our warehouse and put up at an online auction.  We completed this project in two weeks.


A Lifetime Vinyl Record Collection

Every so often, we come across an amazing collection.  In Chardon, we helped a family sell the best vinyl record collection we've ever seen.  Through many online auctions, we successfully sold this collection by advertising it to a national audience.  In addition, we helped sell the other items from the estate and cleaned out the rest.  It took 8 weeks to complete this project.

Screenshot 2022-12-01 141825.png

Online Auctions

We have conducted hundreds of Online Auctions, most from the estate or business.  We have thousands of active bidders, produce consistent results and manage the process very efficiently.  It is the easiest and safest way to liquidate most estates.

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